Building number 1006 | 226-7829

Development Center

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Team Misawa’s Professional Development Center (PDC) offers free seminars open to all Department of Defense
Common Access Card (CAC) holders, including enlisted, officer, civilian, joint and international mission partners.
The PDC is located at Bldg. 1006 across from the Enlisted Club.

Seminars we offer include Leadership, Counseling & Mentoring, Professional Military Writing,
Team Building, Stress Management and many others.

To get more info on what the PDC offers please go to out SharePoint site for a full list of courses
from a .mil or CAC-enabled computer, copy and paste this link into your browser:
If you get an error message, give us a call at 226-7829 for a list of upcoming courses and to be registered.

To access our courses got our SharePoint and click on “Class Registration” box. On the next page look to the left for lists
of courses. Click on the course, look at the top of the page for a brief synopsis. Classes are free and fill up quickly!

The following are for military-only registrations:

First Term Airman Center (FTAC) is a mandatory five-day course for first duty station Airmen to help them make the
transition from a training mindset to a mission-oriented environment. It provides base orientation and in-processing, as well as
reinforcing lessons learned in basic military and technical training. For FTAC information or to register, call 226-7829.

The Joint Bilateral NCO Professional Enhancement Course is a four-day course designed for Staff Sergeants and Technical
Sergeants who’ve not attended formal PME in three or more years. This class is designed as both a PME refresher and a step up to the next
supervisory tier. What’s unique about this course is that Misawa AB, partners with our Japanese Air Self-Defense Forces (JASDF) and joint
services to provide PME to all enlisted NCOs for professional enhancement.

The Joint Bilateral SNCO Professional Enhancement Course is designed for Master Sergeant-selects and newly-promoted
Master Sergeants. This four-day course functions as a formal welcome to SNCO tier of leadership with an in-depth view of their increased
supervisory, leadership and managerial responsibilities. It also provides a networking opportunity and assistance in making the transition to
SNCO status more effective. This course is also open to our partners, JASDF and joint services to provide PME to all enlisted SNCOs for professional enhancement.

For more information about Professional Development Center or to register for classes, call 226-7829.

The Professional Development Center is closed on federal holidays and Family Days.