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Private Organizations

Organization POC Name
African American Heritage Association Tiandrea Hawkins
Aircraft Maintainer's Council Grant Crandall
Air Force Sergeants Association, Chapter 1552 Scott Super
Ammo Association Charles Quarles
Comm Rocker's Club Matthew Silberman
Comptroller Yakara Association Shawn Hancock
Delta Detachment 1st Space Company Lee Schroeder
Dragon Booster Club Terry Frampton
Edgren High School Booster Club Jessica McCollum
Hispanic Heritage Committee Raven Harding
Knights Booster Club Christopher Whitmore
Knights Top IV Council Anthony Breeden
Logistics Officer Association, "Miss Veedol" Chapter Stephanie Scheffler
LRS Booster Club Cesar Hernandez
Maintenance Instructor Association Gregory Strouse
Medical Group Booster Club Jonathan Rodriguez
Misawa's Asian and Pacific Islanders Tavis Salas
Misawa Chief Petty Officers' Association Aquinor Hollingsworth
Misawa Chief's Group Raul Villarreal
Misawa Community Theater David Weaver
Misawa Company Grade Officers' Council Cailin Williams
Misawa Enlisted Spouses Club Alina Stokes
Misawa Firefighters Association Cody Williams
Misawa First Four Tyler Easter
Misawa First Sergeant's Council Jose Ramon
Misawa Honor Guard Booster Club Pierre Givens
Misawa Men's Varsity Softball Booster Club David Moore
Misawa Mogul Mashers William Armstrong
Misawa Officers' Spouses' Club Penny Tolk
Misawa Special Olympics Committee Ian Myles
Misawa Top Three Organization Rohan Auld
Misawa Women's Varsity Softball Booster Club Heather Walk
Misawa Youth Booster Club Michael Williams
Misawa Youth Swim Team Kristen Johnson
Munitions Alliance Nathalie Sanon
Naval Air Family Readiness Group Patty Blas
Navy Ball Committee Richard Effah
Navy Misawa Mustang Association William Templet
O'Misawa Lodge No. 54 Tracey Delton
Operation Warmheart Clifford Palmer
PAWS Misawa Apryl Koss
Sakura Society Felicia Benevides
Security Forces Association Karla Wilson
Sollars Elementry School PTO Megan Ramage
The Japanese & American Friendship Club Allen Holecek
TSC Command Association Dereck Boatwright
TSC First Class Petty Officer Association Rusty Pyryt
Wild Weasel Booster Club Fatiha Brookins